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Logic for kids 3-7 years Free

Brain Games

A bundle of 4 fun educational games for kids ages 3-7 years old. These educational games develop logic, cognitive operations, spatial intelligence and other brain functions.1. Postman - Help the Hedgehog deliver a letter to the correct house, based on the provided address.2. Maze - Find the way to a house inside a maze.3. Sudoku with Pictures - Fill the empty cells in the table with the correct objects, so that every object appears exactly once in each row and column.4. Rhythm - Understand the pattern used in a sequence and find the object which breaks that pattern.
The author of the games is a child psychologist with more than 10 years of child educational experience.
Spatial intelligence develops in preschool and in early grades. The games "Postman" and "Maze" develop help develop a child's ability to analyze spatial problems. The child learns to work with pictures, patterns, and maps. Such exercise helps the child to handle geometric material at school.
The games "Sudoku" and "Rhythm" develop logic and concentration, which are very important for further studies at school, especially in math, sciences and technical/engineering subjects. While solving logical tasks, children train cognitive functions, working memory, and attention; which results in a higher IQ.
Levels of difficulty:Easy ( age 3 years old)Normal (age 4 years old)Hard (preschoolers, ages 5 to 6 years old)Very hard (elementary school 1st grade, ages 6 to 7 years old)
The app works best on Android tablets, but also has a zoom-in feature for smartphones with small screens.